Pin Me Up Photography


Ohi! I decided I would start this blog all over again. It’s had a lot of stuff that doesn’t suit me anymore and I like to dedicade this blog to my current personal style, which is mostly vintage inspired. I hope you’ll enjoy! At the same time  I would like to take this chance to let you know how you can aquire a shot made by me 😀 A profile picture, a picture with loved ones or friends, everything is possible. My prices just cover basic costs so you are sure to get a great deal! Stop by or drop me an IM and in no time you have something that will do the talking for you! (Even for those that love to talk;) )

1 photo (single or couple): 300L
2 photos (single or couple): 500L
groupphoto (3 0r more): 400L
weddingbook (20 snapshots, 2 studioshots): 2000L

Visit me here: Pin Me Up Photography
or check out my koinupaccount


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